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The Internet the World Needs


The Internet the World Needs


The Internet the World Needs


Some facts about Mozilla Switzerland

  • First meetup in 2010
  • First official event in 2012
  • Firefox OS App Day 2013
  • one Rep, one localization guy, Mr. pdf.js, a HTML5 pro, a Firefox OS guy and many more!

First meetup

Two strangers joining each other for a beer

2012 event

2 years ago "Weekend of Code"

Last Firefox OS App Day

about 45 people, many apps

Regular meetups

  • Firefox OS
  • Firefox
  • HTML5
  • and more..

Monthly, published on and on our mailing list

and now..

... we're here, introducing Firefox OS to Switzerland once again!


  • @MozillaCH on twitter
  • Mailinglist:
  • All events:
  • coming soon! (as we said last year..)

Interesting in helping out with Mozilla projects? Tell us!


  • Schedule and notes:
  • if you need anything, tell us!

Have fun!

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