Barcamp Salzburg March 2014

2014-04-13 at 17:29:55

On the 15th of March I organized a Firefox OS workshop at the Barcamp Salzburg. But let's start from the beginning.

Friday evening

On Friday evening I demoed my Firefox OS devices and had some really nice talks with the students from the FH Salzburg.

I could even try Googles Glasses in exchange with my Firefox OS device :)


After some very interesting talks we could start with our workshop in the afternoon. We had a time slot of about 2 hours. Even though about 15 persons registered for the event, only 8 showed up. Nevertheless we had a great workshop!

At the beginning I hold a short talk about Firefox OS explaining its way and our goals. No, I don't have slides to share, since I took the very popular slides from Christian Heilmann and deleted some of the slides to fit it to our time slot.

After that Ankit took over and explained how to use the Firefox OS Simulator.

Since Ankit showed how to debug the standard applications already installed on the simulator, a lot of participants instantly opened the editor and played with the Developer Tools.

Since the time didn't allow us to do a lot of application programming the participants just played with the simulator and we answered some questions. One guy took his already existing web app and ported it to Firefox OS.

After all, the participants had a great time playing with Firefox OS. Additionally they all now have amazing Firefox OS swag. The orange Firefox OS glasses are a great give-away and at the end we could have given away even more than we had!